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July 8, 2016

I have been passionate about filmmaking and videography/cinematography since I was the age of 10, when my dad rented our first VHS video camera and we made a short film playing the Superman theme while flying our dog across the screen while clad in my Superman Underoos cape.


Since then, for 31 years now, (yeesh), I have shot on everything from VHS, to VHS-C, to Super VHS, to 8mm, to Hi8, to Betamax, to Mini DV, P2, SD, Redmag, SxS, SSD and so forth and so on. My generation has had the unique perspective of watching the entire birth and life of digital video and cinema cameras. It's been a crazy ride, and the future holds some very exciting technology.


I've found that I get rather lengthy with my comments on Facebook and social media about camera and filmmaking related gear, and I have realized it might be better to actually post these mini-reviews/helpful tips in my blog posts. That way I can share them as well as keep a better source of useful information to the interwebs out there.


So, feel free to check them out and subscribe and share as you wish! I'll aim to post helpful reviews, information, hands-on advice as well as photos and helpful videos for filmmakers and videographers out there. And, I'll post videos from projects I've been working on as well as give some insight in to the process.


A lot of this info will obviously start with the gear I have, including the Sony FS5, Atomos Ninja Assassin, Lumix GH4, Ronin MX, Lite Pro Gear Jib, my soon-to-be-here RED Raven kit as well as my experiences with related gear as I am hired on gigs where other gear is used. 


Hope this helps some of you out there and happy filming to you all!


 Sony FS5 with DJI Ronin & Rokinon 16mm lens with Metabones EF Adaptor.

Shooting with the Panasonic HCX1000 for a Food Reality Television Show. 

 FS5 flying on the Lite Pro Gear Feather Jib for a music video for master Marimbist, Alex Stopa

FS5 & Atomos Ninja Assassin shooting a Star Wars Fan Film. 


 RED Scarlet with Zeiss Prime on the feature film, Territory 8.

 ARRI Alexa XT Plus vs. the RED Epic Dragon 6K with Schneider Xenon Primes


 Lumix GH4 on the Ronin MX with the Rokinon 16mm and Metabones Speedbooster.


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August 13, 2016

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