Ronin MX and the Lumix GH4 & Sony FS5

July 3, 2016

So I recently received my Ronin MX and was able to mount and balance my Lumix GH4 without a hitch (see prior post). I then wanted to see if I could mount my Sony FS5 successfully to it. Although it did take some figuring out to make it fit, it was possible and successful.




First off, I tried to mount it with the kit lens 18-105mm. Immediately I found that the back end didn’t have enough clearance. The back viewfinder eyepiece would either hit the back yolk, or the top pan bar. (I really want to just cut this viewfinder off as it’s pretty worthless for me). So, I then tried my 16mm Rokinon, and it was actually worse because with the Metabones adaptor, it adds even more weight to the front. 


I then remembered that my girlfriend has a Sony NEX 5 camera that has two kit lenses with it—an 18-45 small zoom E Mount, and also, even better, a pancake 16mm f2.8. This last lens obviously worked the best and allowed for a lot more room. 




However, all said and done, I’m going to need to buy the Cinemilled counterweight plate for this camera. This way, I can work around all of this and make my Rokinon 16mm, kit lens, or even the smallest and lightest pancake lens work without issues of the camera hitting the back or top of the gimbal framing.


Note that I am also using BPU-60 batteries. If one went with a BPU-90, it would help add even more weight to the back which is needed. The nice thing about Cinemilled plate is that I will be able to add different weights and customize to whichever lens I choose. I’ll be ordering mine ASAP.


In the meantime, I found a work-around with my current Sony 16mm pancake. I mounted the Ronin’s plate with the front-end accessory threads towards the back. This way I could screw on an old Filmcity DSLR riser plate to the back end of the rig as a counterweight. That particular plate is pretty beefy and is still skinny enough to fit on the back without being in the way. See the photos to see what I mean.





After all was said and done, my FS5 was flying great on my Ronin MX and after a few tweaks in my profiles, I was able to dial it in to a very nice and smooth setting both for manual flying as well as using the external wireless remote. I’m excited to do more shooting with this combo.

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