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michael tushaus (*tuss-house)

|  Director / Producer

Directing, Cinematography, Producing & Composing have garnered me 8 Emmys®, 21 total nominations & several film festival accolades in the field of film & commercial production. As an experienced filmmaker, I can help you successfully achieve a project from early conception to pre-production to working with crew and talent on set to achieving the final edit in post.


|  D.o.p. / cinematographer

My experience as a D.P. has ranged from feature films, both in narrative and documentary, as well as a great deal of work in branded content, commercials, music videos, corporate videos, and everything in between. I own a multitude of gear including three RED Digital Cinema cameras, the 5K GEMINI the 4.5K RAVEN, and the 6K KOMODO, as well as the Sony A7SIII and FS5, which are great for smaller more nimble set-ups. I also incorporate (when requested) my Sigma Cine zoom lenses, MoVi Pro and Ready Rig gimbal steadicam kit, as well as other support systems such as the Rhino EVO 24" slider, Dana Dolly kit, DJI Ronin-S2, Sachtler and Manfrotto tripods/monopods, and Lite Pro Gear 10' portable jib. I also own a full kit of grip and high end LED lighting. I also have excellent go-to Producers, Directors, Sound, Gaffers, AC's and crew to round out the entire production.

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|  Editor / filmmaker

Having been nominated for several Emmys® for my editing, I have the technical skills as well as the creative instincts to shape your raw footage and images into a successful end product that you can truly be proud of. I work both with Mac and PC-based software including Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, DaVinci Resolve, Logic Pro X and several plug-ins & SFX/music libraries that are used in the Hollywood industry. I can organize, assemble, color correct/grade and polish the sound with a solid design/mix to round out the complete project.



CoronaVegas has been making itself known in the festival world lately. Many film festivals went to online versions, or postponed till later in the year or next year, but it's still nice to see it making the rounds! Latest coups: "Best Documentary Short" from the Austria International Film Festival and the Indo Global International Film Festival; “Best Director of a Documentary Film” from the Mabig Film Festival in Augsburg, Germany;  "Film of the Month" from the Eurasia International Film Fest; and, most recently, a 2021 Emmy® for Director from the Pacific Southwest Emmys® Chapter. 

Watch the film here

CoronaVegas Thumbnail HORIZONTAL V7.jpg



ABIGAIL HAUNTING, the feature horror film for which I was Director of Photography, Co-Producer and Co-Editor, has been released on online streaming platforms including Amazon Prime and Tubi. It made the top 20 most popular films available on Prime during the months of May & June 2020 and has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times. It is also available from Best Buy, Wal-Mart and dozens of other online retailers.

Watch the film FREE on Tubi here




This feature documentary film, for which I was Director of Photography, has been released on Amazon Prime as well as dozens of VOD options online and through cable and satellite providers. The film centers on the musical Irish duo, The Black Donnellys, who embark on an adventure to set a Guinness World Record, playing 60 shows in all 50 states in under 40 days. This emotional whirlwind roadtrip film shows their journey go through many challenges alongside their music and a lot of beer and laughter. The film made the short list for the 2021 Grammys and recently received an Emmy® for Documentary in the Pacific Southwest Emmys® Chapter.

Watch the film here on Prime

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